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Thursday, 1 March 2018


All the Demon Crew writers were successful and highly motivating in the way they showcased students' hard work. However the poet whose work resonated most with me was Alicja Walendziak. 

Alicja's poetry pamphlet focused on life in both Britain and Poland. She didn’t just read her poetry aloud but performed it - and this enticed the reader to live it with her. 

What I liked the most was how much I felt represented by someone who was “bullied for life over frizzy hair and conservative parents.” I was also intrigued by the simple yet surprising word choice in her poetry, as in “my eyeballs swam in their sockets.” 

These poems put across a rarely shown perspective on that hyphenated 'British-' column on any official form. I felt almost mind-mirrored and full-hearted when she spoke the words "Her names were more poetry than you'd ever read."

Anisha Mansuri

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