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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Art by numbers - the art auction preview

Item 92, you have psychedelic shades of green. Do you represent the curves of a woman or the creation of life? Precise shapes flow effortlessly on the canvas.

Item 35, it's so impressive how you fit a redheaded woman in a cardboard box - and more impressive that her nudity is displayed with an air of grace. Much more classy than the painting of the man’s chode.

Item 72, you are exceptionally hypnotic, creating shapes from tricks of the eye. I would have put a bid on you if I had a penny to spare. Your glass mould with intricate patterns is the definition of working man’s art, whatever that means.

Item 73, I thought you were the bee’s knees. The perfect example of abstract art. A reflection of life’s duality and imperfections. How disappointed I was to realise that part of you was accidentally created through a shining light.

Item 106, are you the script of a person’s mind? A woman’s mind perhaps? You are entirely nonsensical and I find you intriguing to examine.

I never thought I would be able to appreciate art in any way. Now I hope there will be another art auction preview at next year’s Cultural eXchanges.

John Marr

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