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Friday, 24 February 2012

Murray Melvin

On Tuesday 28th Feburary from 6:30-7:30, Murray Melvin is coming to De Montfort to be interviewed about his work on both stage and screen.

An actor who has appeared in many different genres, Murray Melvin is a fascinating individual. Nominated for and winning many awards (in particular for A Taste of Honey), he is a highly-respected actor on film and stage. The list of actors and directors he has worked with is eclectic and impressive, boasting such names as Rita Tushingham, Ken Russell and Stanley Kubrick. Above all, he is known for his work with pioneering director Joan Littlewood at Theatre Workshop and is now the archivist of the Theatre Royal, Stratford East.

Murray Melvin has also appeared on TV screens for many years, in shows ranging from The Avengers and Petticoat Pirates to Torchwood In these, as in his stage and film work, he is a distinct and remarkable personality in the world of acting.

Tickets can be booked HERE.

Edward Spence

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