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Friday, 24 February 2012

Music to my Ears

The countdown has started. Only 70 hours left. It's going to start.
Week 22, the mysteriously missing week on the timetable. "The" week, the one and only. Cultural eXchanges.

Not only a week without lectures, but first and foremost an opportunity to visit a range of – well, cultural - events. Performances, discussions, readings, films - enough to keep the eager student busy all day.

Amongst promising stars like Adrian Lester or Heather Peace, there's also the virtuoso flautist Jos Zwaanenburg. He studied at the Conservatory in Amsterdam and at Leeds University in the UK, and is famous for inventing new playing techniques for the flute.

Zwaanenburg's work combines performance, composition and live electronics. As part of ensembles, orchestras and solo artist, he has performed throughout Europe, America, India, Russia and Japan.

Currently, he's guest lecturer at Oxford University. But he won't be teaching next Thursday, because he'll be peforming for us here for us at De Montfort University with composer Leigh Landy, delighting our ears with his extraordinary sounds. Don't miss it! Thursday, 1st March, PACE building, Studio 1, 7-8:30pm.

Katharina Maria Kalinowski

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