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Friday, 24 February 2012

Cultural highlights

I'm my highlight of next week week will be seeing the short film Of Mary, directed and written by Hustle star Adrian Lester. As a huge fan of Hustle, I'm looking forward to seeing Mickey Bricks in the flesh, but I also want to see what else he can do. He's a damn good actor and now he's putting himself on the map as a writer and a director. Plus, I'll be in big trouble with my Nan if I don't go and see him when I get such a good chance.

I'm also going to look at "Arts in Prisons: Art for Art's sake?" and "Dr Ming Turner: Contemporary Art in China and Taiwan". Before I decided to go in for Creative Writing course at University, I was torn between writing and art, and one potential career I had in mind was Art Therapy, where I would have been working with people in mental hospitals, prisons etc. So I was nterested to see that a talk on this very topic was taking place in the Cultural eXchanges week. I'm not about to shed my interest in this area, so looking forward to indulging my love of art.

As for Dr Ming Turner's talk, when you couple my love of art with my interest in China, I couldn't miss it. Eastern art has a distinctive style which is completely different from the art I'm familiar with. I'm not quite sure what to expect but China has a pretty interesting history and I've never been to a talk like this before.

Sarah Kate Beckett

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