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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A fairytale event

This evening, room 3.03 in De Montfort's Clephan Building filled with excited chatter at the anticipation of Heather Peace's arrival. We were not disappointed.

As soon as she set foot into the room the audience was hanging onto her every word. She oozed confidence and gave the room a relaxed atmosphere. The sound of laughter frequently echoed through the roomin repsonse to her talk.

Heather was honest about her passion for performing, the choices she made regarding her career and comments about her sexuality. I thought the way she addressed the talk about her sexuality was fantastic. She asked 'Why should anyone care?' and I completely agree. Why should her personal life be treated as the focal point of her career? She's a wonderful actress, a superb singer and an inspirational woman.

Heather sang three songs from her new album Fairytale: 'Better than you', 'Thank god for you' and 'Fairytales'. They were all sung beautifully. The album comes out this spring, so watch the shelves.

Cultural eXchanges has blown me away by offering such a genuine talk from a well-loved celebrity and all for the cost of ... nothing.

Please listen to Heather Peace; she's remarkable.

Debbie Tinsley

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