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Thursday, 28 February 2013

An audio achievement

Jungle waters rushed overhead, while birds chattered and helicopters whirred. Caves dripped and snow crunched around me. Paris hustle and bustle surrounded me, and bells rang in my ears - and all of this took place in one room. How is this possible? The answer is through amazing composing and the use of surround sound.

Composing with Sounds was a collaborative performance between experienced composers and school-children from several European countries, including France, Norway and Germany. I was impressed by the children's work, a fantastic arrangement of cultural, urban and natural sounds. Although most of the children couldn't be there in person, the young British composers, one of whom comes from Leicester, presented their pieces with the precise attention of an older, more experienced, composer.

I was thoroughly impressed and shocked with their mastery of sound, especially when what seemed to be a Jumbo Jet whizzed across my face.  Even though it was only there in audio, I half jumped out of my seat.

The performance was a triumph, and everyone involved, especially the school-children, should be very proud of themselves.

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