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Friday, 22 February 2013

Creative Definitions

Nothing is harder than trying to explain to people what the course 'creative writing' entails. The blank looks you get are rather amusing at times. And there has been many a time when I've thought about making up a course description ...

'Well, it involves writing in as many fonts and designs as you possibly can. The more you do the higher your grade.'

'We explore the world, trying to find the most creative location to write in. Mountains, caves, underwater, you name it we do it.'

The list is endless. But once you have finished explaining to them exactly what it is you do, the questions and interest they take in you are also endless. It's flattering, but rather embarrassing at times. I tend to muddle up my words when under interrogation of this sort, possibly failing to convince my interrogators that I am indeed a creative writing student.

But all of this rambling leads me to the point of the post.  In the forthcoming Cultural Exchanges week at De Montfort University I'm going to watch creative writing postgraduates present their work. And I'm doing it because of all those questions.  Even though I'm nearly two terms through my first year, I'm still intrigued as to where the course will lead me to over the next few years.

What can students like me do with such skills they are taught on the course? What styles will they use, what content, what language, what form? I'm intrigued and sure that what I hear will inspire my own ambitions as a writer. 

And maybe, just maybe, the next time someone asks me what creative writing is all about I'll be able to tell them exactly what a person can gain from the course - and not be tempted to invent yet more definitions.

Emily Frost

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