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Friday, 22 February 2013

My interest is piqued

I have to admit, I'm appalling with names. Give me J.K. Rowling and I'll still be hesitant to claim she's the one who wrote Harry Potter in case I'm wrong (seriously who wants to screw up a fact like that?) So I may have come across Alan Garner, or I may have not... either way it's time for Google

Children's fantasy novels... retellings of traditional British folk tales... if his wikipedia page is anything to go by then I'm feeling a little more excited. Don't get me wrong, I was already looking forward to seeing a published novelist, especially when it's just a five - ten minute walk from my front door, but when his books seem just a little more suited to my taste it adds that hint more of anticipation

So roll on Alan Garner, you have my interest piqued.

Laura Jones

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