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Friday, 5 March 2010

Don't Stop Believing

Attending Chris Hamilton-Emery’s talk about Salt Publishing’s 10 years in the business made me realise that I should never stop believing. Faith is what makes you carry on and the end result is all worth it.

Chris is a wonderful chirpy person, full of laughter and charisma. He talked candidly about the problems he faced with being a publisher which included a ton of financial difficulties such as being in debt and receiving no support.

His story was quite sad and, even though at times I felt that any person would have given up after being knocked down, he gave me a sense of belief that if you believe in something so passionately you should take the risks involved and keep on fighting as he did.

His story does not have a happy ending as he will encounter problems such as the internet taking over, eBooks and the closure of some major bookshops because of the recession. I don’t think it will worry him that much as he has overcome issues time after time. I know he will carry on battling.

M. Khalifa

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