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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Poet Royalty

After a long seminar on the ‘Klingon’ language, I was very happy for a poet to drift me away where no man has gone before.

Pascale Petit, a wonderful poet, gave a performance of her work and, including a taste of her upcoming work which will be published later on in the year.

She began by reading work that was based around her parents. Listening to her smooth, calm, soothing voice you would have never guessed that the poems were quite dark. She clearly had issues with her parents, especially her father.

Moving on, she read work based on Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s paintings. Again the poems were quite dark and mostly based around the themes of nature and death.

I thought she handled the questions the audience gave to her remarkably well and she was precise in her answers.

Pascale Petit seems like a wonderful person and I sensed a bit of melancholy in her. It seems to me that her work, like Frida Kahlo's, draws largely on her own life. She has the sweetest voice and I would definitely go and explore her work. I recommend you do too.

M. Khalifa

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