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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Neo-Liberal Zoofather

Day three (no, this is not a Big Brother reference - I'm not that post-modern, so stop asking, please)

There was less of a café today, more of my home. The distance between the two was not by the Soar, as it usually is.

I sat in the dark for a lecture that at first seemed political. The dark swallowed everything lateral and behind; it all became a part of the darkness between my eyes.

The lecture became about film. I have never seen Cloverfield right through, but I understood. Soon the political/film elements became sociology and we all became part of the same darkness. Except Dr. Price - he was the conduit for us, this darkness that grew angry and laughed.

Pascale Petit signed a copy of her collection, she read. We watched as she became Frida Kahlo and sang posthumously. I was taken from the clenching muscle of the neo-liberal to the airy heart of the amazon. There is a thrumming, academic sound. It is the sound of brainwaves changing and combining.

James G Laws.

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