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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Pascale Petit reading

Throughout my short study of writing I also have been told to avoid letting emotional outbusts splatter all over the page, because simply, people are not interested.

Unfortunately for those who like to think their lives are of the upmost importance, it seems that the only place for tragedy and emotion is in heat magazine and the Jeremy Kyle show.

I was therefore most interested in Pascale Petit's ideas of writing about emotional experiences in poetic form and the idea that it is much easier to be ironic than to write emotionally.

Pascale's work also includes a collection of poems based on the artist Frida Kahlo, where the poet imagines herself as Kahlo, synthesising such shared experiences as as not having children. This suggested further possibilities to me as a writer as it's something you could do with a number of high profile people.

The audience enjoyed Pascale's mix of unexpected ideas, emotions and strong images.

Leigh Connelly and Gemma Carey

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