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Monday, 8 March 2010

Forgiveness - a fact of life?

Forgiveness is a part of a journey, but what part of that journey it is is different for everyone. That was the key message I left with after attending Michael Henderson's talk, "No Enemy to Conquer". Henderson did not lecture us all that forgiveness is mandatory. He simply told the group uplifting stories of his experiences with forgiveness and what he has observed of others.

Whilst he told us these stories, I thought of the numerous times I should have forgiven and hadn't. I thought of the pointless grudges I have borne and how the only person who lost was me. A man in the audience said, "The heart of faith is the belief that you should forgive." I disagree. I think that the heart of faith is the belief that you have the ability to forgive and the knowledge that the one who forgives, is the one who wins.

A A Wilson

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