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Friday, 5 March 2010

Information Obesity .... or Food?

Another day into Cultural eXchanges week at DMU, and another lecture takes place. "Information Obesity: Cutting the Flab of Information and Building Intellectual Fitness" was incredibly thought-provoking, though strange.

Straight into the lecture (beginning at 4pm so my mind was already on food), the first fact that stands out is that we make 200 food choices every day. Lecturer Tara Brabazon used food analogies throughout, showing the similarities between our over-eating habits and our ignorance when researching. She constantly reiterated that Google gives us comfort; whatever is entered into the search box regurgitates information of the same level.

During the Q&A section of the lecture, the 'ignorance' of students and how 'horrifying' it is that students 'don't know how' to do research was discussed. As the only student amongst teachers and lecturers, I was filled with guilt and felt the need to run to the library and spend hours doing research, before I remembered that was exactly how I'd spent the morning.

Tara Brabazon herself was unbelievably energetic and a joy to listen too. She was very enthusiastic about the subject. Unfortunately, there is no denying that when I left the lecture theatre, I was thinking about pepperoni pizzas, burgers and other fast foods that she'd used as analogies when describing our attitude to online knowledge. Instead of doing the research, I headed to MacDonald's.

Maybe I should make 190 of my daily food choices "No! Do your work. Leave the chocolate alone!"

A A Wilson

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