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Friday, 5 March 2010

How awful!

As I sat watching the third-year, soon-to-be-gone creative writing students discuss their work, it was difficult to think that I and my fellow first years would also inevitably have to face this daunting task at some point too.

How awful.

The third years had produced all sorts of publications, from menus to poetry books, websites, short stories, table mats and even dog T-shirts. One by one they told us why they chose to do their pieces and made it seem almost simple.

All the time my cowardly self was thinking, "Jolly good - but rather you than me standing up there." Yet most of the students seemed calm and genuinely proud to be showing their work.

I only hope that in around two years time I'll feel that way - and that the years don't go too quickly.

Leigh Connelly

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