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Friday, 22 February 2013

Not sure about the dark, but Jasper will certainly enlighten you about comedy

Yes, that's right. Illustrious comedian Jasper Carrott is coming to Cultural Exchanges, and he's talking about British stand-up and his career.  The interviewer is the one and only Geoff Rowe, director of Dave's Comedy festival.

Surprisingly, there are a few tickets left, for a steal of £5 (£3 if you're a DMU Student!).
But an hour doesn't seem long enough. With a career in comedy beginning in 1975, Jasper has amassed a large number of tours, television shows, and television appearances throughout the years, not to mention the 288 episodes of Golden Balls he presented.
Jasper's appearance, at 7pm on Tuesday 26th February, should be in the timetable of anyone who appreciates classic British stand-up.
Caution: Be prepared to laugh.

Corey Bedford

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