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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ruth Mackenzie CBE

What has an audience member got to lose from a free event? This is something Ruth Mackenzie herself touched upon as she spoke about the free event held last year by the BBC at Hackney Weekend in connection with the London 2012 Olympics.  The discussion was not solely based on the Olympics but more the cultural creativity within the UK and the geniuses who help organise and market such events.

 I was unsure what to expect during Ruth's discussion but her warm voice broke the ice with a few jokes as she gave an insightful look at the festival and arts management industry.

Ruth showed her creative work, and that of others too, which was inspiring to say the least. It definitely was a great platform for networking as there was a range of people with different skills who shared their delight in the Q&A that followed her talk.

I learnt that Leicester had joined the bid to become the second city of culture which is a perfect announcement to hear in the midst of Cultural Exchanges.

Georgina Walters

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