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Monday, 25 February 2013

Romans, shamans and a vet

From the blurb for Manda Scott's visit to Cultural Exchanges this year, I have to admit I expected a talk about togas, war, and painstaking historical research; what I got was something quite different.

Manda writes about Roman and ancient Britain. I walked into the room expecting to see someone who mirrored the genre: Imperial. I could not have been further from the truth.

When asked why she wanted to write novels, she just shrugged and replied: 'because I could'.

Sitting cross-legged on the chair, Manda took us conversationally through her history as a veterinarian, her transition into writing crime fiction, and the spiritual journey that led her to begin writing historical novels. 

Her honesty and humour captivated the audience from the moment she began speaking, and her eloquent explanation of her shamanistic beliefs was met with nothing but awe and respect.

This was an enjoyable, educational experience, and Manda was wonderful to listen to. The only down side was that the hour went far too quickly.

I hope Manda comes back to us next year, and brings with her more anecdotes about roundhouses, hares, and why she dislikes James Herriot so much.

Anneka Mason

1 comment:

  1. Anneka - thank you... It was a real pleasure to be amongst so many attentive, thoughtful, thought-provoking minds.

    I'll happily come next year if there's space in the programme.

    I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly.