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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"because I could"

Manda Scott faced the question every author is asked, "Why did you start writing?".  But the writer of three book series (Kellen Stewart, Boudica, and Rome) gave an answer that surprised us all.  She simply said "Because I could."
I expected a talk on how to write novels but the range of Manda's conversation with lecturer Gary Day surprised me.  She was funny but also discussed the spiritual side of her work (she's a shamanist) as well as the unconscious misogyny of male readers, who tend to choose books with male or gender-neutral authors' names.  For her latest series, Manda has become M.C. Scott.  
It was a lovely talk.  Manda answered every question openly and directly.  She also stayed behind to sign books and allowed me to take her picture.

Corey Bedford

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