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Friday, 22 February 2013

When technology tells a story

What interests me about video games is how the technology helps us as storytellers.

The International Games Festival at Cultural Exchanges inlcudes a day devoted to Creative Technologies and Immersive Experiences on 28th February, Thursday.  I hope it will answer some of my questions. Will gaming technology open up new ways or possibilities to tell stories? Will it make the experience much more immersive than it already is? How can writers like me approach this?
Much as I love games, if I don't care about the story, I'm likely to be disappointed.

The PlayStation 4, a new games console, was announced last night and regardless of how amazed I was at the graphics, I felt that even if you have these elements, you need a story that will back it up and do it well.

Saying that, I'm very interested in stories that are illustrated in different genres, in different cultures, that could improve my own writing and help me find ideas that I might like to use for myself.

Ideas and concepts used in poetry, the dialogue of scriptwriting, and story-telling in art and music all interest me. And these are things you can use not only in video games, but elsewhere.

Dayle Corbin

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