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Friday, 22 February 2013

Something old. something new, something borrowed ...

Cultural Exchanges? What is it all about I hear you ask? I was asking that very same question a month ago. Since then I have done my homework, gathered my research and concluded it is something that should be celebrated by all as we focus on the supreme talents that both De Montfort University and the country has to offer in the arts.

As part of my blogging review I have decided to see not just those I am familiar with, but also things I have little or no prior knowledge of:

Something old: Jasper Carrott. A favourite of mine for many years. His humour and anecdotes never fail to bring a smile to those who see him.

Something new: Postgraduate Creative Writing Showcase:  This is the opportunity to see some of the future stars of literature presenting their finest work to date.

Something borrowed: Alan Baker and Will Buckingham: On the advice of somebody I cannot name (you know who you are) I am taking the opportunity to see how the poems and stories of the book I Ching are still relevant today (No, me neither). 

So I appeal to all of you, get out there try something new and you never know you may even enjoy it.

Chris Franklin

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