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Sunday, 22 February 2015

1, Too, 3 ... Go

There's a lot of be said about the upcoming Cultural Exchanges Festival 2015 here at De Montfort University. There's tons to see, plenty to do, some of it will be your cup of tea, some won't, but chances are, you'll be sorted for entertaining, culturally enlightening pieces.

You may have no particular fondness for certain guest speakers or poets laureate, but fear not for there's one event that everyone should attend.

As part of the Video Festival section of the Cultural Exchanges there is a one-hour video series entitled '1 Too 3'. It begins at 10am Thursday, 26th of February and ends at 6pm. It's on all day, so don't tell me you don't have the time! 

Also, as it's on a loop, you can turn up half-way through and just watch until it gets back to the part you came in at, so don't worry about being late (unless for whatever reason you decide to turn up at half-past 5...).

But wait, there's more! It's free! All you have to do is book a ticket, which you can do here. It takes place in the Clephan Building room 0.17 (Don't worry there are signs) so you have no excuse to not go! It's free, it's convenient, and chances are, it's gonna be good. :)

Ciaran Lovejoy

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