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Sunday, 22 February 2015

New experiences, new ideas

It's time for a new experience!

Here in the uni right in the middle of England, also known as De Montfort, Leicester we are about to roll straight into our Cultural Exchanges Festival of 2015.

Unfortunately this year one of our headliners was ill and had to cancel, and I know a lot of people we're really looking forward to seeing him but, looking on the bright side, there is still a massive amount for people to do. I see this week as a time to try something new that is why I'm going to at least 3 talks I don't have any previous knowledge about and wouldn't usually attend. However I think hearing about The Breakfast Bible by Seb Emina is going to help me in my writing and give me some information on how to take a subject from a blog and make it into a book. I'm also hoping this will give me ideas on how to get the interest of a modern-day audience that likes to read on-line.

Cultural Exchanges events are open to everyone - students, staff and the public. But not everyone gets to enjoy it. One of my flatmates, who studies computer engineering, is expected to attend employability talks which clash with some great Cultural Exchanges events. I'm sure this is useful to them, but a little disappointing. I guess doing a creative subject makes the opportunities you have more fun, right?

So Cultural Exchanges will be in full swing next week and I plan to use all the opportunities I get to improve my own skills. You never know - maybe one day you'll read a book I wrote about an idea I got this week.

Abbie Henesy

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