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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Teacher of the Year

English teacher, Author of How To Teach Literacy and star of Channel 4’s Unteachables, Phil Beadle gave an inspirational talk about what teaching entails.

Beadle has written columns in The Guardian and several books, describing one as "a bunch of columns that nobody read collected in a book which nobody bought”, which made everyone giggle.

I could see straight away why this man was Teacher of the Year; the books he’s written and his funny personality would make any child instantly like him.

He’s just an ordinary man (with a strong Cockney accent) who has a passion to make his class succeed despite their abilities.

He emphasised three things throughout the talk:

  • Always give your students genuine praise

  • Have high expectations of them all, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, and

  • Never let their behaviour affect your attitude towards them

His audience was filled with new and experienced teachers as well as students like myself who are interested in this profession. It was a great event to go to, with lots of laughter, a good discussion and great advice about teaching.

It was an ideal talk for anyone who wanted to work with children or in the education sector. 
Humairaa Patel

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