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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Solomon Akhtar, entrepreneur

Solomon Akhtar's talk began with some laughter as Solomon nearly walked into the door as he entered the room, then explained how he found it difficult to pronounce ‘De Montfort’. But the inspirational talk which followed was packed with useful advice about what he's learned in the business world - and what he's still learning. It's a world concerned with new ideas, risks, and a lot of hard work.
Many of Solomon's business plans and ideas began when he was 15 years old and sold sweets in the school bus, making a profit of £20 per week. This experience helped stimulate his dream of being an entrepreneur. He added that he still keeps notes on his phone because ‘you’ll never know when you’ll get an idea, so if you’ve got an idea go for it!’
As for his appearance on The Apprentice, he said ‘it is hugely rewarding’ and an ‘honour to be in the final five’.
After taking a massive selfie with everyone, a series of Q&A followed. He was asked about his future plans for ‘Willykini’ and ‘Instabear’ and the embarrassing moments he had on the show. Before ending the talk, he gave great advice to us all:
‘If you have an idea – make it happen, it can be viral. React to trends and take a risk. Look for the next best thing’. 
Humairaa Patel

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