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Monday, 23 February 2015

Engels today

Today I attended the screening of The Condition of the Working Class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I find it admirable that the directors and actors used a book written by Engels in the 1800s and related the theories to contemporary society. Some of the points from that book are still very relevant in modern times.

In this production, the experiences of working class people are shared. This is quite rare which implies that there are still some issues in society that are ignored.

Some of the actors spoke about accents and how this can be a barrier, especially for aspiring actors. As a man with quite a strong northern accent, I can definitely relate to that particular problem.

The Q&A session held at the end of the screening gave guests the opportunity to ask the directors questions about the production. This was a useful way to consolidate the knowledge gained from the film.

I would thoroughly recommend watching this film as it is both enjoyable and educational.

Harry Singh Panesar

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