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Sunday, 22 February 2015

How to be a millionaire (or at least gain useful advice)

My eyes suddenly brightened when I saw this in the Cultural Exchanges brochure:

"CREATIVE LEICESTERSHIRE IN A DAY ... one to one business advice ... professional development ... workshops and marketing and selling your work ..."

Marketing? Selling my work? One to one business advice?

OK. I might not walk out of the workshop a millionaire (though it would be a huge bonus) but at least I can learn why people aren't buying my books and perhaps rectify the situation.  From where I am now that looks like progress.

The best part, I am paying zilch. Nada. Nothing. To gain this valuable advice. Something that as a student is a massive bonus. 

So I will let you know Thursday night if I am a millionaire. If you also want to learn how to be a millionaire you can book to attend this event by clicking here

Kelly Davies

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