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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Postgraduate showcase

Three postgraduates, all studying for Creative Writing Ph.D.s at De Montfort University, presented their work in a single and varied showcase.

Emma Conway read from her poetry with a video backdrop and her use of her voice was very strong. But while I could see that some audience members appreciated the mix of video and voice, I sometimes found it hard to take everything in; my brain was sometimes trying to decipher three moving images while listening to the poems. For me a greater emphasis on the words is more important. 

Laurie Cusack's two flash fictions had a focus on Ireland and the Irish people. I happen to be half-Irish and I particularly enjoyed these stories, especially the second with its football theme as I come from a football crazed family. Laurie brought his work to life through tone and expression.

Pam Thompson gave a long introduction to her poems. Personally I would have liked more poetry and less explanation because it was the poems that I really liked.
Overall, this was an enjoyable experience with friendly people and I would definitely like to attend another reading by DMU's Creative Writing postgraduates

M.S. Gray

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