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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Opinions that need to be heard

The Condition of the Working Class is about a group of northerners devising and performing a piece of theatre based both on their personal experiences and the book The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 by Friederich Engels. It's a very well put together film that educates the audience about life now and in the mid-nineteenth century. This film provokes questions about the way people are being treated now why there is still such a large class divide.

I'm not clear on the aim of this film or how it might change the world; however if it is to tell the majority what is being hidden by the media, I definitely feel more informed.

Of course looking into the working class Britain from the 1980s onwards you can't help but walk straight into Margret Thatcher. The film fully addressed that and even went as far as going out onto the streets of Manchester to ask the public exactly what they thought of her, and of working-class life in general. However we were told later during the Q&A that quite a few people were afraid to talk to the camera for fear of losing their jobs. This leads me to asking those in power in Britain, why should anybody be afraid to have an opinion and to state it?

Abbiee Henesy

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