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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Come fly with Virdee

Pakistan International Airlines logo 

Dr Pippa Virdee is touching down! On Wednesday the 25th of February in the Clephan building, Virdee will give a talk on the transformation of women in the public eye in Pakistan, using a rather surprising medium to illustrate her talk: airline commercials.  

Along with testimonials from women who have worked in the advertisement sector of Pakistan International Airport, Virdee plans to explore and explain the progress women have made in the Pakistan's culture.  

Although the development of women, their lives and their rights is being looked into increasingly often in modern times, these analyses tend to focus on the Western world. Feminism and general interest in women is far too frequently preoccupied solely with white women in First World countries, so it will be refreshing to see an alternative view this Cultural Exchanges Week.  

I look forward to not only the talk itself but also any comments and insights the audience have to offer. I'm expecting questions about religion, the history of Pakistan, women's rights and perhaps personal autonomy. The discussion should be rich in cultural references and detail here l at De Montfort University. 

You can book tickets on-line.

Jodie Goodwin

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