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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Crazy for Carol Ann

The lecture theatre was vast but I couldn't see a single free seat. Carol Ann Duffy had drawn an impressive crowd to the 2015 Cultural Exchanges festival. As a Duffy ‘newbie’, I was uncertain when advised to go and see her, but already my enthusiasm grew in the expectant atmosphere.

After a respectful introduction, Duffy took main stage. With snippets of humour, she held the audience in awed silence as she began with ‘Mrs Midas’. Every reading was followed by thunderous applause.

Duffy also read from her collection of love poems, Rapture, and toyed with our emotions with poetry from The Bees. I especially enjoyed the pieces from The World’s Wife, which I found witty, imaginative and full of strong imagery.

The hour long performance flew by and finished with an applause that continued long after Duffy had left the room.

Rose Godfrey

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