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Monday, 23 February 2015

Sitting in with Luke Franks

Wearing ripped jeans and a trendy snap-back, you would think that Luke Franks was just another University student here at De Montfort, when in truth he is far from it. Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourselves for Luke Franks, radio, TV and online presenter!

A down-to-earth, charismatic and passionate being, Luke Franks is  not only friendly and charming, but also provides invaluale knowledge and advice to those who wish to enter the field of presenting and media. With his invaluable insight and friendly nature, you also come to learn this: Luke Franks is in this business because, quite frankly, he loves it.

The interview process, which took only one short hour, was enjoyable and engaging - Luke Franks is friendly, but also really funny as well, and had so much to tell in such a short space of time. He shared his experiences with us, from starting out as a student radio presenter at Cardiff University where he realised his true passion, to presenting on Fun Kids Radio as well as online for the X-Factor.

Luke Franks made sure to give insights into the amusing side to his job; in University, he hired out a dinosaur mascot and crashed flat parties, all to promote the University Radio. And for Kids radio he even interviewed Kermit the Frog.

Aside from the fun and creative aspect of his passion though, Luke Franks also shared his serious side and gave us this great advice to take away: if this is your passion, don't stop doing it, even if it is competitive. Volunteer, do free gigs and take what you can, research your audience, and remember: just have fun and love what you do.

Kelly-Mae Matt

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