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Friday, 27 February 2015

The Philip Mead experience

Going into his piano recital, I have to admit I had never heard Philip Mead and was anticipating something along the lines of Einaudi - classical and expected. Whatever I had anticipated, however, this wasn't it. 

Philip Mead's transcendent tones were almost other-worldly, listening and watching him perform felt a little like falling down a rabbit hole. Though, perhaps falling though the tunnel from the opening credits of Dr. Who would be a more apt description. The performance was further enhanced by the kaleidoscope of visual accompaniments after the brief intermission.  

Regardless of what I had been expecting, Philip Mead blew me away. I think I'm a little in love with anyone who has an extreme passion for something and shares that passion with others, which is exactly what Mead does. Watching him pour out his music in a slightly manic way was beautiful,  and I'm so glad the Cultural Exchanges programme allowed me to experience this. 

Laylah Grewal

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