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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Looking for the next big thing

 The term "fan girl" wouldn't even begin to describe my love for The Apprentice. I watch it every year shouting at the TV when the wrong candidate is fired. This year was no exception.

Solomon Akhtar, one of the final five candidates came to DMU today and gave us an insight at what the future could hold from just a "small, random idea". During the The Apprentice process, he was known for his innovative thoughts and quirky approach - and both were in evidence today. He began with a series of humorous, confused confessions but quickly moved on to the main subject of his talk, sharing a few of his life experiences. He told us about his time at university and the ever growing digital printing business, InstaBear - and he spoke about his struggles and how he overcame difficulties. With honesty, passion and well-timed humour, he advised the audience to "react to trends" and always "look out for the next big thing".

Though that wasn't all. He shamelessly admitted to the start-up of "Willykini", an inspired trend from a reality TV show that gained him further business opportunities. He also assured the audience that no, he wasn't wearing one during his talk.

Solomon answered the quick firing questions well, and replied coolly and at most times calmly. The talk was well planned, had the audience laughing for most of the hour and to top it all, it inspired us. For that Solomon, it would be a unanimous vote for "you're hired". Thank you from all of us.

By Samira Ali

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