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Monday, 7 March 2011

Breaking the 4th dimension

It’s an extremely rare occurrence in a university for somebody to walk in to a lecture theatre and have the entire audience instantly fall silent. I’ve certainly never seen that silence explode in to thunderous applause.

Without a doubt, the atmosphere was electric when Alan Moore stepped in to the room for what was described as “the pinnacle of the week.”

I was immediately struck by his quick wit and modesty in front of a fully-occupied lecture theatre. Given his near-legendary status, I certainly didn’t envy Simon Perril’s task of introducing him.

I doubt anybody expected Alan Moore to read a chapter from his forthcoming novel Jerusalem. The subject matter undoubtedly confounded the audience, but then again the fourth dimension is quite confounding material.

Moore’s astonishing skills as a reader as well as a writer captivated the audience which had soon entered a trance-like state of reverence. This was especially apparent when the floor was open to questions. Cautious hands poked above heads and audience members shyed away from obvious questions. There was no loss of atmosphere and Moore’s astounding intellect was apparent to all.

What is most astonishing about Alan Moore, however, is his dedication to the purity of craft. He's one of very few who value originality and creativity above all when approaching any medium. He is an inspiration and I hope this is not the last time I have the opportunity to learn from him.

Elliot Speight

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