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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Student convinced to spend money

Now I'll admit, I hadn't really heard a hell of a lot about this playwright before 6 o'clock Tuesday evening. But after just one hour listening to the man talk about his life and career, I can say that David Rudkin may well be one of the most underrated dramatists in post war Britain.

We saw examples of his work dating back to the age of eleven, and the language used combined with the length of the book and the strict editing process taken showed that even at that age it was clear that David Rudkin would go on to great things. These great things were evidenced by the British Library's recent acquisition of David Rudkin's archive - a lifetime of works that took up an entire side of Rudkin's own living room.

The impression made by David Rudkin on me and, I can safely assume many others in the room, was so strong was that it convinced me to part with £19.95 for a signed copy of his book with his two latest plays, Red Sun and Merlin Unchained, as soon as the interview ended.

Alex Thompson

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