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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Spoken Word Spectacular

This evening’s spoken-word reading by Sean Bonney and Maggie O’Sullivan was definitely an event of two halves; Bonney displayed measured and well-timed readings with a strong political focus, whereas O’Sullivan drew us into her world with vivid imagery.

The poets were given a positive and complimentary introduction by DMU lecturer Simon Perril, before Sean Bonney took the stage. Throughout his readings, there was a clear sense of political vision, with times and dates central to his work. His poetry often ended abruptly, leaving the audience sitting in silence to digest what they'd just heard.

Maggie O'Sullivan read extracts from many of her collections, including Red Shift and House of the Shaman. Her voice filled the room, rising and falling to express the imagery within her work.

As a student who has not witnessed much spoken word poetry, it was definitely a new, interesting experience for me, and I left wanting to listen to more of the same.

Lauren Simmonds

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