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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Eclairs! Where?

Arriving at the Demon Crew launch bleary-eyed, I was surprised at just how many people had turned up for the event. It was packed.

Ten minutes in and I was rather pleased I had dragged myself out into the unexpected cold - I had found something to aim for. In two years time I'll be one of those students, presenting a final year publication project. I can't yet grasp that fact just yet, they're work is at such a high and imaginative standard, a standard that seems quite distant to me. Jigsaws, post-it notes, T-shirts, concrete poetry - surely my slurring brain would never conjure up such things?

The more I watched and listened though, the more I realised something. These ideas and pieces hadn't come to their writers overnight; they had worked hard and edited harder to get their work to the standard it is. Two years ago, they probably sat in a blue plastic seat and thought, 'I can't do that!' whilst stealing chocolate eclairs, just like me.

Terri Baker

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