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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Poetic pleasures

Sean Bonney and Maggie O'Sullivan performed their poetry in front of an all-age audience from 6-7pm last night. Both were completely different in their styles but knew how to perform and speak their words.

DMU Lecturer Simon Perril opened with an introductory speech about the two poets, which set up the reading.

Sean Bonney was on first, describing his work as 'counter-tradition', 'political' and 'punky'. It was certainly lively and he performed his poetry with the zest and passion of a man that had a message to bring. His poetry about the Tories winning the election was delivered with good humour and kept the audience waiting for what political problem he would encounter next.

Maggie O'Sullivan was clearly a poet who bases her work around sound quality. Writing for around 30 years, she is said to be intrigued by the 'spoken' and the 'voicelessness'. Her performance was enthusiastic and bouncy, certainly ticking the box of the 'spoken'.

Both were very goodand I would highly recommend them. It was certainly an experience for me, as an English Literature student, to hear poetry performed. However, if you're interested in politics, music or just poetry in general then check them out!

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