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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A lifetime's work in Tesco bags

Thousands of pieces of paper, catalogued and waiting in his front room to be taken to the archives in the British museum; this was one of the first photos we were shown during the interview with David Rudkin, as he recounted what can truly be described as a lifetime of work.

I'd never heard of Rudkin before, but I was fascinated by his tales and the vivid images he created. I particularly loved how he described himself at a young age asking his mother how books were held together. When she told him they were sewed, he sat with darning needle and bright red thread, carefully stitching his pages together.

But it’s more than just an endearing story; it shows a dedication and a passion to his craft that is evident throughout his career. It was wonderful to see a writer speak with such high enthusiasm for his profession after so many years - and this is something I hope I will witness again in the future.

Katie Bamford

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