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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sex, Culture, Politics

To be quite honest, I had absolutely no idea when the Georgian period was before this lecture. I'm hopelessly, and rather shamefully, clueless when it comes to British history. So I can't really answer as to why I decided to attend this event - perhaps, as Doctor Weller suggested, we were all there simply because the word 'sex' appeared in the title. Nobody argued with that.

The word 'lecture' doesn't really do Toni Weller's talk justice. When you say "lecture" many people automatically think "boring". Yet this was engaging, interesting, well-presented and pleasantly humorous. Whether you were a history and satire buff, or like me, a clueless student, she was educational and interesting in the ideas and themes she presented. The images were well chosen and connected; not once did I feel lost.

I took a great deal of information from this session, and one of the most appealing things that kept the audiences attention was seeing Doctor Weller's passion for the subject. I am definitely glad the title had 'sex' in it - I would never have gained this much-needed historical context without it!

Terri Baker

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