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Monday, 7 March 2011

Cultural Overview

Well what a fantastic week! I think I speak for everyone who attended Cultural eXchanges in saying that it was an excellent experience. A big well done to the Faculty of Humanities - and especially the Arts Management staff and students - for all their hard work and effort!

Personally, my highlight of the week is split between the Postgraduate students and the Demon Crew presentations. Both set of students did a superb job of showcasing their work, and the standard was incredible. It made me excited about the next two years I have at De Montfort University.

The Postgraduates taking Creative Writing had the ambition to go far and the quality of the writing to make this possible. Their passion for their work really came across.

The Demon Crew student publication launch was packed and we were treated to cakes, biscuits, sweets and drink. The work ranged from poetry, short stories, scripts, magazines, prints etc. There were quite a few pieces intergrating social technology, keeping writing modern which was very smart. All the students presented their pieces in distinctive ways, either using humour or strange props that reflected their pieces. Overall a brilliant event.

Of course Blake Morrison was great to watch. It's always nice to see an author perform their work. The same could be said for Sean Bonney and Maggie O'Sullivan. I was glad that I went out of my Writing-English comfort zone with the 60x60 concert, experiencing music as well.

On the final note I have to say I am looking forward to Cultural eXchanges 2012 already! If you didn't have the chance this year, make sure you come along next year!

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