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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Signs of a star-shaped diva

It was being a lover of all things cabaret that initially made me book to see Caroline Parker, and the little snippets of performance during the event were definitely entertaining. They are not, however, what I will remember most; I left Clephan building feeling moved and full of admiration for this performer.

Caroline Parker is deaf. Not profoundly, she stated - she can hear bits and pieces of the songs she performs, using British Sign Language and mime. But this has not once stopped her pursuing her ambition of performing with music. She is well known for her signed performances, often finding herself with bookings for various cabaret acts. But alongside this she is a comedian and actress, having appeared in programmes such as My Hero. She has also toured her own one woman show, 'Signs of a Star-Shaped Diva.'

To listen to, she was fascinating, funny and full of energy; the hour long event seemed to pass in no time. You could hear the passion for her work in every word she spoke, and her genuine desire to change the discriminatory attitudes towards performers with disabilities in the industry.

Seeing Caroline has definitely sparked an interest in signed singing for me; I'd definitely like to go and watch her at some point. But mostly, the entire event was purely inspiring and thought-provoking - she definitely seems to be somebody you could learn a lot from.

Stephanie-Louise Farrell

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