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Monday, 7 March 2011

From words to music

The reading and talk from Blake Morrison was delightful. It was a great experience to see such a well-respected author and hear his advice on writing.

He started with a reading from his novel Last Weekend. The humour had the audience laughing along but
Blake explained how he also wanted to create a sense of claustrophobia - an almost gothic feel mixed with male rivalry. Mentioning it was set in East Anglia made me feel childishly happy, knowing that's where I come from. A really nice man and an excellent author!

Attending the 60x60 concert this morning with an open mind, I was astounded by the sheer quality of the classical mix with electronic aspects. A lover of classical music, I found the music right up my street. There were aspects of water, voices, bells, etc. that really set the tone of the musical pieces. They all told separate stories in 60 seconds, which is amazing. All you can do is close your eyes and absorb the atmosphere the composers create. It was all very atmospheric, and I especially liked Pellman's piece.

A truly wonderful experience, and I will be definitely checking out some of the composers in the future!

Leonie Sturmam

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